Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Vacations.

So, like I promised here are some pictures from our vacations. Our first stop for the summer was the UK. Um, AMAZING. Michael had to work most of the time but the last 3 days we got to spend together and have a great anniversary!

Our first stop and my favorite was Lincoln, Uk.  It was a little villiage so quaint and peaceful.

And, of course the reason for our amazing trip to UK..... EGGS.  Did ya notice that the keep their eggs on a shelf?

Our anniversary dinner. 

 The queen was home.  And, the whole town was getting ready for her jubilee. 

The kids stayed with my parents while we were on this vacation.  They hardly missed us and never wanted to talk to us when we called them.

 Between our next Vacation Tate finished up his T-Ball season.

Went to Basketball camp

Jax broke his wrist.

Our next vacation we went on a Road trip.  He went to Utah and Colorado.  The kids did great in the car.  But sure were ready to get out and run around at night.  The first couple of nights we camped out in the WOODS.  I was a little hesitant at first being 23 weeks pregnant, 2 kids, and not having phone service for 3 days was a little much for me.  But I caved,  I sure am glad I did it was so much fun.

The 2nd night Jax was DIRTY so we just let him go around naked.  Luckily there was no one camping next to or anywhere around us the whole time.

Oh, that bottom!!! Melts my heart.

For the record I did not support putting a big C in a tree in the National Forest.  Tate and Michael came up with that idea.

After camping for a couple days we haeded to Arches Park in Moab.  This was on the way there. 

This is just priceless.  He reminds me of my grandpa, falling asleep with a toothpick hanging out of his mouth. ha.  Don't worry after I got a picture I took it out.

Our last stop was Estes Park, CO.  BEAUTIFUL!!!  I could of stayed there the whole time.

There I am semi caught up.  I will get completely caught up by next week.  Everyone have a great weekend.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hello everyone! So, it's been a long time. Our summer has been pretty unproductive which I am 100 percent good with! We have gone on some fun vacations and a couple more left before October!!!! Speaking of October, it's going to be a big month for us!!! Why is that, because Michael and I expecting another baby towards the end of October. I am 28 weeks pregnant. SHE was defiantly a big surprise but we are beyond happy to add Miss Emma to our family. The boys are super excited. Besides a new baby to the family we are also adding on to our house ( super fun). Tate is about to start kindergarten, soccer season, fall football, and he is also square dancing again ( which he is NOT happy about). Tate is also really into shooting his gun I need to put him into some shooting league cause this kid is good. The birds are not safe in my yard. He has taking out all kinds of animals this summer. Poor animals. He is so much like Michael he eat, sleeps, drinks, hunting and fishing. This kid could never live in the city!!! He is COUNTRY. Jax is my baby, he is so sweet but all BOY. He is all about cars, tractors, and anything horses. We have to go play with our horse everyday. I think he is going to be just like his big bro. He has always been my good napped/sleeper BUT lately it takes this kid at least an hour to fall asleep at nap time I have to go in there 100x times. Ha. He is big into taking all of his toys, pillows, sheet, blanket, and passy and throw them all over his room. Funny boy! He just assumes I sit and watch him in the monitor because he will just look up and talk to it and wave!!! Little toot! Arkansas has had some crazy hot weather. Our poor chickens are not loving this hot weather. Poor girls. Poor Michael. Poor everyone involved!!!! My heart really goes out to all the farmers out there this summer. We could all use a prayer for rain and some cooler weather. I still have not got a new computer yet I promised myself before Emma gets here I will stop being lazy and go get one. OR Michael if you are reading this since you broke my other one you are more than welcome to get me a new one, okay, great!!! I will leave you guys with a couple pictures from the ipad. And I will go to Michaels office this week and post pictures from a couple of our vacations we went to some awesome places this summer!!! Never mind for some reason the good ol iPad won't let me let me load pictures:( Soon I promise!!!!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring is here!

The weather has been AMAZING lately. I can't seem to make myself sit down and write. The days are finally getting longer and the boys and I are loving every minute of it. Tate starts soceer today, and we are so excited. Then in a few weeks he starts T-Ball. How did my baby get to have such a demanding schedule. Last week when Michael was out of town my mom came by and watched Jax so that Tate and I could have a night together. We actually met my grandpa at the senior building for a dinner fot the vets. He was so proud of his family that made it and he was so proud to serve our country. He is an amazing man. Getting a picture with him was impossible he was so busy chatting away with EVERYONE I didn't even try. HA. After we left the dinner we took my mamaw some flowers to her grave. Should I mention that we actually pulled over in someones driveway and picked their flowers to give to my mamaw. I did see that they weren't home and we only took about 10. SO, that makes it okay, right?!?!?!

On another note I have really been trying to get back in shape, love having babies. haha Anways back to the story. I was walking today, Jax was playing with some toys I was listening to some Chris Tomlin and then all of a sudden this man that was walking in front of us stopped and waited for us. I turned my music off and started to walk with him. We had the best talk, I really felt god put me on that road to talk to this man (yea, he majorly slowed down my walk and yea he probably thought I talked more than I listened (I sure hope not though.)) He shared with me that his son is in Germany in the army and that he was homeless in Missiouri and then his sons father and mother in-law came to Missiouri and got him off the streets and brought him to Lincoln. Although this man is in his 60's he is defiently a new friend. We talked about how good GOD is and that he never gives up on us. I need to be reminded of this lately. Hopefully everyone uses their strenghts to help someone out soon it makes your heart melt!

Michael, Tate, Jax, and I went to Powerhouse the other night. Getting a picture with all of us together is dang near impossible!!

Its so funny that my boys look nothing alike!!! My little pettie brown hair, brown eyes sweet boy, then theres my chunky, blue eyes, fire ball. Man do I love these boys!!

Hope everyone has a great FRIDAY!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Last Friday my best friend Mandy had her baby Kendall. She is so adorable. I went and visited with her and Chris (well Kendall, ha) Saturday night, sans children. When I walked into the hospital the smell hit me like a ton of bricks and as I was walking down the hallway I was thinking of how MAYBE I want another baby. Then, as I was leaving and Michael called and I heard the shrills of children reality hit and I realized I am CONTENT!!! haha. Two boys are a handful. Although I will admit I would love a little girl to dress up.

My mom and I went shopping last week and Jax was worn out!

Jax is such a ham and from the looks of this picture borderline hoarder. He loves to have his toys in his crib. He talks to them for a few minutes then he goes to sleep. He loves to talk to his video monitor too, the other day I turned on the monitor in my room and he was looking right into it and scared me to death. You could not even slide a piece of paper between him and the monitor. Needless to say the monitor is know mounted on the wall away from his sticky fingers!

This has been a busy week with Tate. My little boy is growing up. He had his T-ball sign up, spring pictures, and class pictures. Class pictures, REALLY? How did this happen so soon. Not to mention I ordered his year book, sad.

We started back to our bible study on Tuesdays and Jax is starting Mothers Day Out on Thursday. I hope we are ready for that. Tate loved Mothers Day Out but, he is more flexible so, we will see how it goes. Jax loves his Teacher he sees her during our bible study and he goes to the same nursery every Sunday so it shouldn't be to foreign to him!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Burning Brush

Yesterday we spent the day at one of our farms burning brush piles. Tates best bud Landon joined in on the fun. The boys had a blast. Jax kept telling everyone that the fires were HOT. So cute. We started at 4 yesterday afternoon and didn't leave til 9. As you can tell in the last picture the boys were worn out. We weren't even out of the gate and they were snoozing.

Julie and I ran to town to get the stuff for Hot Dogs and Smores. Landon and Tate thought it was pretty cool cooking their dinner. They were not crazy about smores they just wanted the marshmellows.

When we got home we made Tate jump in the shower and put Jax in the bath. Boy, were they mad. They just wanted to go to bed. It was such a fun night we are so blessed to have great friends that live close to us.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Year New Start

Ok, Since more Family has moved away it is my goal to become a BLOGGER again. This is already foregin to me so, bare with me here. I will never admitt this may have taken me a couple hours to just remember how to write a new post. ha! Things have defeintly changed since July of 2010 (my last post) we have 2 kiddos now. Life is good! We have learned that getting a GOOD picture with 2 kids is almost impossible! Proof below.

Jax is our high strung big attitude child. Its his way or no way. To say that our children are night and day might be an understatment. HA We wouldn't have it any other way our kiddos keep us on our toes regardless of their differences. Jax is very independent busy child. I spend the whole day with both eyes always on this child, mischief should have been his middle name! But, he is so darn cute. Love those eyes and dont get me started on those cheeks!!

Tate is in Pre-K and LOVES it. He is all boy. He spends his day (afterschool that is) riding his four wheeler, playing with Jax, shooting animals on his WII, (don't ask!) and roaming the farm getting into trouble. He is getting so big. Tate is such an easy child, and he has a HUGE heart.

I will do my best to keep up with my blog. Between the boys, the hubs, school activities, bible study, and play dates I should have plenty to blog about.