Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crumy Day

The past couple of years have been a whirl wind of events. Since I had Tate in 2006 I have gone to school, graduated, taught, and know I am SAHM to Tate. I love being home with him he is SO sweet, caring, kind hearted, and FUNNNY kid. At the moment he wakes up and tells me good morning (not always in the sweetest tone, he takes after Michael needless to say they are not morning folks) I put a smile on my face and start the day! I feel like I have been ungrateful lately for everything the lord has done for me.

I always told myself once I grauated I would take time to be ME. Start working on being a better wife, mother, friend, and most importantly spend more time with God. Last night when Tate and I were saying our prayer I was thinking how wonderful it is for Tate to have GOD in his life and how he looks forward to church and mothers day out. BY the way I would love to share his prayer with you: Dear lord thank you for food, for Dolly, Sadie, and the puppies, Thank you for Target and my nerf gun bullets, for mommy and daddy, mimi, popi, jacer, nana, and chick-fil-a. Amen! His prayers have had some random thanks too: wal-mart, the sale barn, clean car seat, and his chaps. ha!!! After his prayer I always thank the GOOD lord for such a vibrant young boy that I have. I know this post is kind of a pooey post but it goes with how this week has been going! I am looking forward to this weekend with family and good friends!