Thursday, July 30, 2009

did I mention CRAZY?;

In May Michael, Erin, Pops, Tate and I went to Red Lake Canada to go fishing. It was Tate's first time on a fly-in fishing trip. We had a lot of fun, caught alot of fish, and ate tons of fish (besides me I don't eat anything from the water). And for anyone wondering why we were wearing winter clothes, because it has still winter there, I mean snow on the ground and ice on some of the lakes. I didn't fish much I spent most of my time helping Tate get his fish in the boot and reading. Tate loved playing with the minnows by the end of the trip he was cutting them in half for Michael. I know my child is weird. The drive there was absolutely beautiful and Tate didn't complain once for two reasons: 1. He knew he was going fishing 2. DVD's, that TV was going the whole trip. Thank goodness for them.

I feel like I have been going crazy lately. I'm trying to figure what I am going to do about working, I haven't decided if I want to teach this year or stay at home with the tator. And to top it off, Tate has to have surgery on his mouth next Friday! We had his consultation this morning in Rogers. The doctor went over the procedure (which is putting him to sleep, taking his two front teeth out, and replacing them with new ones). For those of you that don't know the story. I will share even though every time I tell I get sad and play the blame game. In January Tate and I were at my parents riding the ranger (4 wheeler thing) when our beloved dog Sadie ran out in front of us. I slammed the brakes, and Tate's mouth hit the handle bar. His two front teeth didn't fall out but did get pushed up into his mouth. Luckily Michael's uncle is a dentist so we headed up there the next morning. They thought that his teeth we fine since they were falling back down, but apparently they died and started causing infections in his mouth.

While I was in town today I thought I would go to Pinnacle and do some shopping and soon realized that I left my wallet on the kitchen counter, ugh!!!!! I live to far away to go home for my wallet so we decided to just come home. The next couple of days are exciting; I have to write a proposal, Michael is out of town for a couple days, and we have a baby shower.

As I was writing this post my sweet innocent son did a naughty thing. He went potty in the potty then 5 minutes later I heard the toilet in Micheal's bathroom flush. I knew it was him since we are the only ones home. I asked him what he flushed, and he said, " my panties." I asked him why he flushed his panties, and he told me, "because I pooped in them." He looked at me like I was asking a stupid question. Oh the joys of 2 year olds.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

baby time!!!

One of my best friends sister just had a baby, and I have been helping getting things ready. While, I love baby showers, I haven't been to a baby shower for 2 years now. I don't know if my creativeness is still in style. Me and all of my friends have children the same age (besides Ashley S, you need to get on that girl). It is so much fun now cause they all play so good together and love each other so much. Tate is the only boy out of the group and he is most defiently the most affectionate one. He always tries to kiss and hug them, and he gets rejected, pushed, and hit everytime. The girls rule the roost on playdates. Back to the baby shower, Ashley T. and I made diaper cakes today, it was my first one and I have to say it is pretty cute. I ordered a cake from the one and the only Ricks bakery, I think I am the most excited about the cake and of course a baby.

This is Tate's pony Ajacks. He lives on Mimi's and Popi's ranch! I personally like (TRUST) Dolly more, but love that Tate is closer to the ground if you know what I mean. I think I just have a beef with Ajacks because he is SO hard to catch, by the time I catch him I'm way mad. While, Dolly meets you at the gate.

We went to Prairie Grove pool this week, even though Im not big on bathing suits like I used to be (you know when I was like 18-21)! My son made me a nervous wreck. He is not even tad bet scared of the water. He loves to go under the water and comes back up spitting water. Jace was a little more reserved, he was happy sitting on the edge or just watching. Towards the end he was getting a little brave also. So Im leaving you with some fun info. I am starting to run again, I plan to run some 5k's in the begining of September. I got the jogging stroller back out of the closet, Lets just hope it stays out! If anyone is looking for a workout partner or jogging partner let me know!

Tate was ready to go!

Hope everyone has a good weekend, Courtney

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Play date and Underware.

Tonight we had the Taylors over for dinner. We had so much fun, we love getting to spend time with them. The children were so dirty after riding Dolly and dinner so they took a bath. I must mention it was Tate's first time to take a bath with a girl He was very curious and confused. But, he soon got over it and they were WILD in the bath. Tate feel fast asleep tonight, he didn't even ask to read one book. Our routine is 3 books a night. We didn't use to have a limit and we would read about 10 books and some more than once. I love that he enjoys reading but I need some time to get my stuff done as well. Im sorry that I haven't been very good about posting lately I have been busy trying to figure out were I am going to teach at, finish some papers, and plan birthday parties and baby showers, I would love to say it is going to get better BUT school starts soon.
The 3 amigos

Coley was showing us he could go under the water!

Of course we had to have at least one accident. At least it was just Nathan. Dolly ACCIDENTLY stepped on his foot.

Needless to say Tate wasn't excited to sit on the back of his horse!!

Isn't she adorable!?!?

Michael and Nathan left the house while Laurie and I were bathing the children, which always means trouble (in a jeep at 9:30 at night). They went to the feed mill looking for a raccon and came home with a PIGEON!!! It was so pretty and the kids loved it, well besides Madilyn. She wanted nothing to do with. Tonight the pigeon is sleeping in my flower bed, due to an injured wing.

Nathan is talking to the bird.

Tate insisted on putting them on himself. And, he went all day like that!

I hope no one else has their panties in a wad. Have a good weekened!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Alittle out of order, BUT alot of fun

On friday morning Tate, Michael, and Papaw went fishing. I hear they had a great time! Tate kept throwing the minnows over the boat, I dind't expect anything less from him. He told me he caught ALL the fish and Daddy and Papaw didn't catch anything. I also heard Tate broke his pole right when they got in the water, SO????? I love a two year old imagination and trust me Tate I believe your story.

Thursday night while I was mowing, my mom came over to play with Tate. I came around the corner of the house and I found Tate leading Dolly through the yard (yes, by himself). Tate wanted me to saddle her up so we could ride. I couldn't resist my little cowboys face. So, I went in side and got my boots on and went to the barn to saddle her up. Tate and Mimi walkd around the fields and came home at dark time. Tate told Mimi that Dolly and Sadie were getting tired when the truth was Tate was getting tired. I rode Dolly for awhile, but was determined to get me yard done. I am a yard freak. I do not let Michael mow my hard cause he always blows grass into the flower beds. Michael gets so agervated because I never use our riding mower (because im scared of it) and I push our while yard. I love the exercise.

This morning Ashley, Cholie, Tate, my mom and I went to Battelfield Park to walk the trail. We walked 3 miles then took the kids to play. They had such a fun time. This weekend is crazy busy, SO don't be to surprised if I don't blog for a couple of days. Isn't he the most handsome little man!

Have a great weekend!