Monday, September 28, 2009

Pumpkin Time

I came across this picture at my parents house and I had to steal it. This is me and one my best friend Ashley. She is currently in Ireland on vaccation with her daughter and husband. When we were little she lived a field away, the walking trail between houses might as well been cemented they were used so much. Tate and Cholie play together alot. We were 5 in this picture.

Also, on Sunday Tate and I carved pumpkins. He just wanted a face and I was testing my creativeness and made a crow. Tate hated the gunk inside so he was actually NO help carving pumpkins. But he sure took credit for them when someone walked by them. I bought a couple pumpkins for my class and we have big plans for them. I will post pictures of them later when they are complete. Although I do have an observation I would love to share with you, girls like to do messy art and boys don't. I am still in shock with my students, today every girl in my class got their hands dirty and participated while some of the boys just watched. This is so funny to me because you think it would be the other way around. Kids are funny.

Poor Judy. This is my parents dog and she lets Tate rule the roost up their. Yes, that is a pony saddle and a bridle on her.

On Sunday my uncle Milford went back to West Virginia. We made sure to get to my grandmas house at 7:30 for breakfast and to say "good bye." I got some cute pictures of the boys, absolutely none of me considering I can't just roll out of bed and look cute, Tate and I are going to go to my cousins football game this Thursday in PG, the big rival. I went to his game last week and was amazed by all the people I still remember. I saw all my high school coaches, teachers, and some parents that are still straglers of Farmington Athletics.

Milford, Tate, Popi, and Papa

Tate and His Popi

Monday, September 21, 2009

How things change!

Since I have direct and direct + rain storm = no Dancing with the Stars I thought I would share some of my fall decorations that I have done so far. I still have alot of stuff to get out and pumpkins to spray paint then glitterize. I think Im going to try to spary paint a pumpkin on a hay bale this weekend to put by our driveway. If it wasn't raining I would go outside to take some pictures of our puppies. They are 4 weeks tomorrow and extremely personable and sweet. We have found them all homes ( I think Sadie is ready for that day).

This weekend we had a family reunion, we had so much fun and not to mention tons of southern comfort food. Jake and I are quite older than our cousins so they have more fun with Tate and Jace than they do with us. Here are a couple pictures from this weekend, I forgot I brought my canmera in till we were about to leave.
Tate and I are in bed watching Racing Stripes when I should be watching Dancing with the Stars. Thanks storm!!!!

Since we haven't posted in awhile I just wanted to share what we have been up too. I have been working, not posting, and relaxing with family that are in town. Tate has been going to school, hanging with Mimi and Jace, and torturing puppies. Michael work, games, and hunting stuff. Funny story before I go to bed. Last night Tate said he wanted to watch a movie. So, I found King Kong on tv (thinking he would like cause he loves Henry and the Hendersons). Right away he put his head under the pillow and I just thought wow he must be tired. 20 minutes later I changed the channel and Tate leaned up and said, "thanks for changing the channel that monkey was scary." haha!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have been slacking lately in the posting area. Well, last week was the county fair and Tate, Ashley, Michael, and I went on Thursday night to go to the sale. Michael's company usually purchases a couple animals. Besides that black angus posted in a picture below (because it went for $2,000). After we made Tate sit in a sale for a couple of hours we headed to the rides. Of course I had to ride the rides with my friends daughter because my gang are scared of rides (but a 6 yr old isn't, haha).

I absolutely love my new job. I have the most amazing children and parents. Tate and I have adjusted pretty well, I am pretty sure that Tate is worst morning child ever. If it was up to him he would sleep till 9:00 in the morning. But, I have learned if Racing Stripes is in the DVD player, bacon in his hand, juice beside his leg we are all good. One thing missing from that picture=not good. Tate's favorite movie is still Racing Stripes (which Im sure move-it move-it, nemo, and bambi are enjoying the break). And I have to admitt that I am so far behind on my soaps. I am going to start waking up early (5:30) and walking on the tredmill and watching my soap. I have been watching the Young and The Restless since I was 14 when I went to stay the summer with my aunt in Texas. I remember we would put a video in the VCR and record it and as soon as the kiddos went to bed we sat on the couch with honey mustard pretzels and watched our show.

Michael had a business dinner tonight, so I made turkey bacon BLT. I haven't ate a BLT in years. I was visiting my grandparents and they were talking about how good a BLT sounded so I made some bacon and cut up some fresh garden tomatoes hands down one of the best dinners I have had in awhile. We are headed to bed. Tate starts school on Thursday so I will be sure to post his first day of school pictures. He is so excited to see Addy.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Party part 2

Tate and I have been sick, which is my excuse for not doing my follow-up post yesterday. More great news I found my favorite movie in the world, (besides Harry and the Hendersons) Pollyanna. Has anyone else seen this movie? I love it, it brings up so many memories of my childhood. My mom and I would watch it all the time (only during during deer season though cause the boys hated it).

So this picture isn't from Tates party but it is cute!