Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today was a busy but fun day. We spent the day with Addison, then we went to lunch with Kelly and Harper, then went sled hunting, and now we are on the couch watching Oliva! I remember growing up and sleds were everywhere. Not anymore we checked lowes, wal-mart, tractor supply, and atwoods. The kids were starting to HATE me. Good news I found some. Now we are ready for the snow!

Sadie and Tate partners in crime! Not really she is so sweet, I think Tate corruptes her at times!! She lets Tate ride her, rope her, and even drag her around all over the place. She is seriously the BEST dog!!!

I have got SOME of my Valentines Decor out! I love decorating for holidays. I plan on working on the rest of my decor this weekend.

When I was walking past Tate's room I noticed this! Looks like another horrible idea. And It was, the horse bucked him off straight to the floor!!!

I tried to tell him that this didn't look like a good idea. But, what do mom's know?

Plans for tomorrow: Include a little closet cleaning (which I promise I just cleaned my closet last week, ugh!!) and Little mans car seat! Yep, there is food in it!!

Don't judge me, I promise I am going to work on this complete mess tomorrow!!

Well we have 3 sleds waiting for us at True Value store down the road (thats the advantage of living in a small farming community, haha). Will post pictures later of some snow and sledding!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tate and his date!

Yesterday after I picked Tate up for school we headed to Shannon and Jillians house for a double date. We went to Ricks and got cookies and quietly ate them (not!! Tate was the opposite of quiet) haha. Sorry to the young man trying to study. Although we caught him laughing at some of Tate's stories and comments. While we were sitting there I asked Tate what he wanted to do for dinner tonight and relplied, "EAT FOOD." Such a little smartie pants! Then we headed to the mall to do some shopping! Luckily BOTH baby and toddler fell ASLEEP! I am so excited for the rest of the week! I have a hair appointment on Thursday (deciding on going all dark or going blonder, what do yall think)? Then a much needed girls lunch with Shannon and Brittany at Hugos!!

Baby J and her adorable owl hat!

Baby J, Tate and Lex

Tate and Baby J!

Tate has been so funny lately and maybe a little grumpy today. When he woke up this morning I told him "good morning," and he said, "WHAT!!!!!!" I told him he sounded a little grumpy and he said, "yeah I am!" haha! He is also on this lemonade kick, everything has to be lemonade! Trying to avoid a SITUATION I told him his juice was lemonade last night. He took one drink spit it out (on his bed) and said "Mom I know lemonade and this is NOT lemonade." Just to funny! SO, I did what I do best cave in and chanced a cavity and gave sugar filled lemonade from Chick-fil-a!!! By the way I realized I am the only mother on the block that hasn't uploaded pictures of Tate's Christmas, sorry! Please know he was spoiled rotten and if you guys want to see them I will do a post if you want!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Boot Camp, anyone?!?!

I was just reading about the boot camp that you can do at the Northwest Arknasas Mall it is from 5:30 am to 6:30am and another class at 8:30 to 9:30! It sounds fun (not really but who am I kidding I need to lose some lbs). Is anyone else doing it? I think I would enjoy it better if someone did it with me. Any hands??????

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tate and Jace!

Look at how sweet they are, their sharing, haha!

I was going through my moms camera the other day and I could not get over how adorable Tate and Jace are! Tate is 3 and Jace is 2! Our boys play so good together sometimes I feel they are more like brothers than cousins! They constantly go around saying "do you want some of this, with a fist." Jace is a spitting image of my brother but with blonde hair. I am so grateful for their friendship!

This picture cracks me up. My mom called me while I was teaching to tell me about this mess. And trust me it was so worth leaving the class for that story. Apparently Jace had dry skin (thats what Tate said, haha!)

This is Mimi and Popi (my mom and dad)

These boys have my dad wrapped around their fingers whether its feeding cows, cutting wood, riding horse's my dad tags them along!


So I never thought that I was addicted to anything! I don't drink (maybe wine everyone once in a while but only Stella Rosa) and I don't smoke. BUT, I am so addicted to Diet Coke! This is going to be a boring post without any cute pictures my little sweetie. I am trying to get back into shape, I have even looked at my treadmill a little lately (haven't touched it yet though). I have been drinking my Jay Robb protein shakes. I manage to cancel my good eating and protein shakes with Diet Coke. I am pretty sure I have two people to blame for this addiction: Ashley and Paige. Before you two I never drank this! Enough of that! My friend Shannon and I are going to try this detox thing tomorrow. You can't eat for the whole day, they say the detox taste so nasty you don't even want to eat! SO YAY!

Tate has been a busy body lately. He has had some playdates with Addie, Jace, and Cholie. He got "hungry, hungry, hippo" for Christmas so we play that all the time. I even eat small white balls in my sleep. Thomas the train is played with all the time, and woody and buzz were also great gifts from Santa! I love this weather, I LOVE the cold!!! Well I just wanted to ramlbe about a couple things. Rambling is now done going to make stuffed shells for dinner!