Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Vacations.

So, like I promised here are some pictures from our vacations. Our first stop for the summer was the UK. Um, AMAZING. Michael had to work most of the time but the last 3 days we got to spend together and have a great anniversary!

Our first stop and my favorite was Lincoln, Uk.  It was a little villiage so quaint and peaceful.

And, of course the reason for our amazing trip to UK..... EGGS.  Did ya notice that the keep their eggs on a shelf?

Our anniversary dinner. 

 The queen was home.  And, the whole town was getting ready for her jubilee. 

The kids stayed with my parents while we were on this vacation.  They hardly missed us and never wanted to talk to us when we called them.

 Between our next Vacation Tate finished up his T-Ball season.

Went to Basketball camp

Jax broke his wrist.

Our next vacation we went on a Road trip.  He went to Utah and Colorado.  The kids did great in the car.  But sure were ready to get out and run around at night.  The first couple of nights we camped out in the WOODS.  I was a little hesitant at first being 23 weeks pregnant, 2 kids, and not having phone service for 3 days was a little much for me.  But I caved,  I sure am glad I did it was so much fun.

The 2nd night Jax was DIRTY so we just let him go around naked.  Luckily there was no one camping next to or anywhere around us the whole time.

Oh, that bottom!!! Melts my heart.

For the record I did not support putting a big C in a tree in the National Forest.  Tate and Michael came up with that idea.

After camping for a couple days we haeded to Arches Park in Moab.  This was on the way there. 

This is just priceless.  He reminds me of my grandpa, falling asleep with a toothpick hanging out of his mouth. ha.  Don't worry after I got a picture I took it out.

Our last stop was Estes Park, CO.  BEAUTIFUL!!!  I could of stayed there the whole time.

There I am semi caught up.  I will get completely caught up by next week.  Everyone have a great weekend.