Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last night we had Tates 3rd birthday party (although his birthday is really Monday). Since I took over 200 pictures I am going to make his birthday post into 2 seperate post. Todays post is going to be the set up. I worked really hard on this party and has so far been my FAVORITE party. Tate was gunhoe on having a cowboy party, so thats what he got. We had partytime ponies come for the first hour, then we did a hayride after everyone ate burgers and hotdogs. I set up a roping station (let me just say that was a hit) and then I set up a saddle on some hay. I also made homemade playdough and set up a picnic table outside with playdough and cookie cutters and then I set out some side walk chaulk. I think everyone had a good time.

This is some of the stuff I put in the goody bags!

This morning after church Tate and I headed to the park. Me like the old woman I am brought the Sunday paper to read while Tate was playing. For being such a pretty day the park was empty. As of right now I am trying to get my house back in living condition. Anyone that knows me knows how picky I am when it comes to germs, yuck. The minute my last guest left I was hitting the toilets, door handles, chairs, couch, and kitchen with a can of lysol. As soon as we all layed down we were out.
Didn't he look handsome this morning?

Talk to you tomorrow!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First week

I wanted to try to update everyone on our crazy lives. I started teaching this week, Tate started waking up early due to me teaching (let me just mention he is NOT a morning person), Sadie had puppies, and Michael is out of town. Here are some pictures to get you caught up.
Aren't these boys adorable?!?!

Ashley and Cholie

Tate and mommy

Tate and Cholie

Tate and Aunt Ashley

On Monday night Sadie had 8 puppies!! They are so cute! Tate has named them all, heres the names: Nemo, Mardi, Melmon, Gloria, Dora, Monkey, Move it Move it, and Alicad. Sorry puppies!! Tate has told everyone about them since he was out there with us till 11:00 making sure Sadie was okay. When we went to bed there were 4 puppies and before I left for school I checked on her and she had 8, bless her heart. She looked at me with those big eyes and I just knew she was tired! By the way the babies daddy is one of our neighbors lab! They don't know it yet but they are about to get half of them. Who am I kidding I am going to love them all and want to keep them all.

Monday was my first day as a teacher, it was sooooo much fun! I love all my students so much, and even when I wonder what is going through their silly heads half of the time I STILL LOVE THEM. This week has been all about routines, shedules, and school rules. I don't have one child that cries when being dropped off but the occasional few that cry when they have to leave. Alot of the children in my class have known each other for a while and have occasional play dates with each other, so they are all friends. This picture is one morning when I dropped Tate off with my mom.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Today was the day Tate has been looking forward to for a couple of weeks..... Addie's Birthday party. Nothing like a party in park on a beautiful August morning. We had a small battle before the party regarding jeans, cowboy boots, and hat. You can see who won that battle! The redneck child is getting old! Tate and Addie had a playdate last week before his surgery and as the kids were playing Brooke and I were talking about how we are horrible moms since our children sleep on plain cold nap mats. So I found adorable nap mates this week at a local boutique (So Inviting) and bought one for Tate and one for Addie for her birthday. I have to say our present wasn't as fun as the play outfits, jewerly, and playdough but Brooke loved it. So now our children have cute nap mates, maybe they will be the first ones to sleep now, haha!! Last Sunday was my birthday the big 25, ugh!! You know your old when it takes two boxes of candles to light your cake.

Isn't birthday girl Addie just adorable!

On Thursday night Tate and I headed to Aunt Ashley's to spend the night. We had so much fun Tate played in her apron, took a shower (since she doesn't have a bath stopper), and most importantly watched Miami Social with us. He kept on asking for his horse movie but he soon realized he was stuck with the Miami crew for the night! The next morning Ashley and I had a whole day planned, BUT I got a phone call at 8:30 in the morning with a teaching offer that I couldn't turn down. I will talk about that more later when I have more time.

Tate's surgery went as expected, it was a long day needless to say. SO the next day I went with Ashley to get a pedicure. As we were just starting to relax, the dreeded phone call. Tate's teeth feel out (his new ones that he got the day before). So I called his dentist and they seemed to think he could wait till Monday to out them back in. So Tate had a couple of teeth missing last weekend. And of course I asked the Dr. how common it is for them to fall out, and he said, "Not Common At All." Of course only me.
Hope everyone has a good weekend.
P.S. Aren't his new teeth beautiful?!?!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sad times!

Although I am new to the blogging I have heard of word-less Wednesday. How would you like to see picture-less Wednesday?!?! Because my battery died this week while we were in Little Rock. So, no pictures of our fun time at the zoo!
Tate has surgery this Friday, so please keep him in your prayers!
Thanks Courtney and Tate!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Tate and I are headed to the zoo to see this guy, named Marty! He also wants to see Alicad.

I will post more pictures tonight.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Recap of the weekend

On Friday night Tate, Ashley, and I went to campus to take some pictures. They are so cute, I hope you enjoy them.

Yep, thats right I let him get in the fountain. By the end of the night of walking on campus I wanted in the fountain also. While Tate was playing in the water some student brought his great dane and let him get in the water also. I didn't get much pictures of Tate and the dog due to me worring the dog was going to eat him. After taking some pictures we headed to gator golf, then snow cones, and then we went to mountain soquyaha (sorry I don't remember how to spell it). By the time Tate and I got home it was 12. Then Saturday we hung out with the mimi all afternoon.