Sunday, August 30, 2009


Last night we had Tates 3rd birthday party (although his birthday is really Monday). Since I took over 200 pictures I am going to make his birthday post into 2 seperate post. Todays post is going to be the set up. I worked really hard on this party and has so far been my FAVORITE party. Tate was gunhoe on having a cowboy party, so thats what he got. We had partytime ponies come for the first hour, then we did a hayride after everyone ate burgers and hotdogs. I set up a roping station (let me just say that was a hit) and then I set up a saddle on some hay. I also made homemade playdough and set up a picnic table outside with playdough and cookie cutters and then I set out some side walk chaulk. I think everyone had a good time.

This is some of the stuff I put in the goody bags!

This morning after church Tate and I headed to the park. Me like the old woman I am brought the Sunday paper to read while Tate was playing. For being such a pretty day the park was empty. As of right now I am trying to get my house back in living condition. Anyone that knows me knows how picky I am when it comes to germs, yuck. The minute my last guest left I was hitting the toilets, door handles, chairs, couch, and kitchen with a can of lysol. As soon as we all layed down we were out.
Didn't he look handsome this morning?

Talk to you tomorrow!

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  1. Looks like a great party. Happy Birthday Tate. Lily and Aunt Marshie have a gift for you whenever we get to see you again. Love you guys-Marshie and Lily