Thursday, August 6, 2009

Something about Rain

So Wednesday night started like this:

And Tate ended up like this:

Wednesday night I spent down at the office working on my proposal, as soon as I was about to save it........BOOM No power. That's right. I had a moment of tears, anger, and did I mention anger? I have worked so hard on this proposal, my heart just ached. Anyways we found it and it is now done; sign, sealed, and delivered. But while we were waiting Tate decided to play in the rain by the chicken houses. Before long the boots, jeans, and shirt was off and he was laying the water. He had so much fun.

Michael is out of town for awhile, so Tate, Sadie, and I are holding down the fort for tonight. Then its off to my moms house for a couple of days. Tate and I spent the night catching up on The Young and The Restless, my favorite show. When I was a freshmen in college I planned my classes around YR. I hardly ever watch them in the day but do indulge in them at night. Tuesday night I went to a jewelry party with Laurie. Then Mom, Tate, and I headed to Cavanders to get Tate a cowboy belt. I was tired of him ruining my belts so, I caved and encouraged his red-neck-ways. But my cute belts thank me. I will post some pictures tomorrow of his new belt, it is worn with jeans or shorts and his pj's if I would let him.
I hope everyone has a good Friday.
P.S. Paige, Tate and I just wanted to say Hi and tell you we miss you!

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