Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Hello everyone! So, it's been a long time. Our summer has been pretty unproductive which I am 100 percent good with! We have gone on some fun vacations and a couple more left before October!!!! Speaking of October, it's going to be a big month for us!!! Why is that, because Michael and I expecting another baby towards the end of October. I am 28 weeks pregnant. SHE was defiantly a big surprise but we are beyond happy to add Miss Emma to our family. The boys are super excited. Besides a new baby to the family we are also adding on to our house ( super fun). Tate is about to start kindergarten, soccer season, fall football, and he is also square dancing again ( which he is NOT happy about). Tate is also really into shooting his gun I need to put him into some shooting league cause this kid is good. The birds are not safe in my yard. He has taking out all kinds of animals this summer. Poor animals. He is so much like Michael he eat, sleeps, drinks, hunting and fishing. This kid could never live in the city!!! He is COUNTRY. Jax is my baby, he is so sweet but all BOY. He is all about cars, tractors, and anything horses. We have to go play with our horse everyday. I think he is going to be just like his big bro. He has always been my good napped/sleeper BUT lately it takes this kid at least an hour to fall asleep at nap time I have to go in there 100x times. Ha. He is big into taking all of his toys, pillows, sheet, blanket, and passy and throw them all over his room. Funny boy! He just assumes I sit and watch him in the monitor because he will just look up and talk to it and wave!!! Little toot! Arkansas has had some crazy hot weather. Our poor chickens are not loving this hot weather. Poor girls. Poor Michael. Poor everyone involved!!!! My heart really goes out to all the farmers out there this summer. We could all use a prayer for rain and some cooler weather. I still have not got a new computer yet I promised myself before Emma gets here I will stop being lazy and go get one. OR Michael if you are reading this since you broke my other one you are more than welcome to get me a new one, okay, great!!! I will leave you guys with a couple pictures from the ipad. And I will go to Michaels office this week and post pictures from a couple of our vacations we went to some awesome places this summer!!! Never mind for some reason the good ol iPad won't let me let me load pictures:( Soon I promise!!!!