Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am:

mailing these out in the morning!

I took this picture yesterday and e-mailed to a lady I found on ETSY and she had it back to me 2 hours later! WOW! I think they turned out GREAT! Anyone that knows me knows that I am not the biggest fan of traditional stuff. SO, instead of pastels I wanted fun boyish colors!

On another note I didn't sleep very good last night so Michael woke me up this morning and said I am taking Tate to work with me today get some sleep! Um.......OKAY!!! That was at 8 this morning around noon (yes I was still asleep) he called and asked how my sleep was going and if I was in a good mood. {side note: nothing good comes when the hubs asks what kind of mood I am in}. Not that I am moody! I reply fine he then tells me Tates teeth fell out! Grrrrrr..... They haven't fell out in so LONG! So I start to call his pedi dentist to find out he is on spring break then I called his oral surgeon he is also on spring break! So until Tuesday I have a 3 yr old missing his front two teeth! He looks pretty darn cute though. For those of you that didn't know my son has 2 fake teeth, when he was 2 he hit the steering wheel of the four-wheeler and chipped his front 2 teeth and come to find out 6 months later they got infected and had to be pulled! So he has a bridge till he is 4 or 5!

I hate to admit it but I was so mad when Michael brought Tate home with no teeth! Now, I think I was being alittle SILLY. He was with me the first 2 times his teeth fell out and Michael never once said "How dare you, what did you let him eat to make his teeth fall out" I had a good lesson today. Although he was eating tootsie rolls for breakfast. When I asked Tate why he was eating tootsie rolls for breakfast he said "because we are men" yep, I think he was coached on how to answer that question."

We were just talking about how we always ask WHY at our bible group last week. I find that I ask why now, why me, why do you do this to me ALOT MORE THAN I CHOOSE TO ADMITT. I Know why, not always at that time but every night when I lay down and think about my day I always say, "oh.. thats why." This morning when I was thinking "really, why this week do your teeth decide to come out," I should have been thanking the good lord that I have a healthy beautiful son (teeth or no teeth)! Thank you GOD! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the moment or feelings that I forget to tell God how much I love him and how thankful I am for his love.

I am feeling like mother of the year! But I am human, and I am sure I am not the only mommy that have had this feeling. Well I got to go DHS just got to my house!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Pictures

Today Tate, Aunt Erin, and I headed out to take some pictures. Days like today are perfect! We had so much fun walking around Tate even smiled for pictures without me threatening him! ha! We went down the road to someone's farm (he doesn't live there SO, I guess I treaspassed, Oops)! There were so many places to take pictures there. The man had tons of old wood barns, some brick barns, and some neat fences and tin buildings. We would have ventured to more of the buildings if there weren't a HUGE white bull in the pen. ha!

The next couple of days Tate and I have to get our Easter cards out, plan for our play date that is going to be at our house next week (we are having an egg decorating party with Tates classmates from his school), and I have a project due in my class on Monday and I am not sure what it is even over yet. YIKES!

Friday, March 19, 2010


I am going to start taking better care of my blog starting today, at least I hope. haha! I have told so many people lately that I has going to update my blog days ago, I am sorry about that. We have been traveling like crazy people lately. We are so lucky that Tate is such an excellent travelor. Although I think we travel to much since Tate wakes up and ask us, "where we going today?" I think it is time to slow down for awhile! I have also been taking a night class on Monday and Wednesday nights. While in Texas I took some pictures of Tate and our friend Mirabel. Look at those pretty blues. And, of course my handsome little man, which I had to threat bodily harm on his life if he didn't sit down for a couple pictures. haha!

Tate, Michael, and I went to the races a couple weeks ago. It was SOOOO cold. But, we stuck it out for 3 races. We had had to drag out Tate. He does not care what the weather is he wants to be with horses or riding them all the time. He told us at the races that he could ride those horses better than the jockies. Sure you can son!!!!

One day on our way to Austin we met up with my new friend Rebekah and her daughter Cilla . We met at Olive Garden in Waco. Please, excuse my homeless looking child we drive all day and it was raining. I did warn Rebekah how skanky we looked and she still wanted to meet us, now that is a GOOD friend. We had so much fun having dinner with you girls. Can't wait to see you two soon!

One day Tate, Catherine, Charis, Mirabel, and I headed to the Austin Children's Mouseum. It was SO much fun!!!!

We have had some fun play dates lately. One day Tate and I met up with Stephanie, Roman,and Avery at Chick-Fil-A. I didn't take pictures that day because I was hogging little Avery. She is such a doll!! It was so nice to just let the boys play and be able to talk to another momma! And Roman and Tate played so well! Then the other night we meet up with Michaels cousin wife Jamia and her son Judd for dinner at Mimi's. Needless to say we did not have a very successful conversation. The boys were wild! That is what you get with boys and a nice restaurant! haha! We have a busy weekend planned I will update with pictures later this weekend! Have a great weekend!