Thursday, March 25, 2010

I am:

mailing these out in the morning!

I took this picture yesterday and e-mailed to a lady I found on ETSY and she had it back to me 2 hours later! WOW! I think they turned out GREAT! Anyone that knows me knows that I am not the biggest fan of traditional stuff. SO, instead of pastels I wanted fun boyish colors!

On another note I didn't sleep very good last night so Michael woke me up this morning and said I am taking Tate to work with me today get some sleep! Um.......OKAY!!! That was at 8 this morning around noon (yes I was still asleep) he called and asked how my sleep was going and if I was in a good mood. {side note: nothing good comes when the hubs asks what kind of mood I am in}. Not that I am moody! I reply fine he then tells me Tates teeth fell out! Grrrrrr..... They haven't fell out in so LONG! So I start to call his pedi dentist to find out he is on spring break then I called his oral surgeon he is also on spring break! So until Tuesday I have a 3 yr old missing his front two teeth! He looks pretty darn cute though. For those of you that didn't know my son has 2 fake teeth, when he was 2 he hit the steering wheel of the four-wheeler and chipped his front 2 teeth and come to find out 6 months later they got infected and had to be pulled! So he has a bridge till he is 4 or 5!

I hate to admit it but I was so mad when Michael brought Tate home with no teeth! Now, I think I was being alittle SILLY. He was with me the first 2 times his teeth fell out and Michael never once said "How dare you, what did you let him eat to make his teeth fall out" I had a good lesson today. Although he was eating tootsie rolls for breakfast. When I asked Tate why he was eating tootsie rolls for breakfast he said "because we are men" yep, I think he was coached on how to answer that question."

We were just talking about how we always ask WHY at our bible group last week. I find that I ask why now, why me, why do you do this to me ALOT MORE THAN I CHOOSE TO ADMITT. I Know why, not always at that time but every night when I lay down and think about my day I always say, "oh.. thats why." This morning when I was thinking "really, why this week do your teeth decide to come out," I should have been thanking the good lord that I have a healthy beautiful son (teeth or no teeth)! Thank you GOD! Sometimes I get so wrapped up in the moment or feelings that I forget to tell God how much I love him and how thankful I am for his love.

I am feeling like mother of the year! But I am human, and I am sure I am not the only mommy that have had this feeling. Well I got to go DHS just got to my house!


  1. now if these aren't the cutest easter cards ever, i don't know what is. wow! ADORABLE! love them. sorry about the teeth.

  2. Oh Tate is so handsome :) LOVE the Easter cards & the cool things you find on Etsy! Hope your well, call me soon!