Sunday, August 9, 2009

Recap of the weekend

On Friday night Tate, Ashley, and I went to campus to take some pictures. They are so cute, I hope you enjoy them.

Yep, thats right I let him get in the fountain. By the end of the night of walking on campus I wanted in the fountain also. While Tate was playing in the water some student brought his great dane and let him get in the water also. I didn't get much pictures of Tate and the dog due to me worring the dog was going to eat him. After taking some pictures we headed to gator golf, then snow cones, and then we went to mountain soquyaha (sorry I don't remember how to spell it). By the time Tate and I got home it was 12. Then Saturday we hung out with the mimi all afternoon.


  1. YOu take incredible pictures!!! they are awesome. You'll have to teach me how!

  2. Love the pics...your must know 2 really great photographers!! :)