Thursday, January 7, 2010


So I never thought that I was addicted to anything! I don't drink (maybe wine everyone once in a while but only Stella Rosa) and I don't smoke. BUT, I am so addicted to Diet Coke! This is going to be a boring post without any cute pictures my little sweetie. I am trying to get back into shape, I have even looked at my treadmill a little lately (haven't touched it yet though). I have been drinking my Jay Robb protein shakes. I manage to cancel my good eating and protein shakes with Diet Coke. I am pretty sure I have two people to blame for this addiction: Ashley and Paige. Before you two I never drank this! Enough of that! My friend Shannon and I are going to try this detox thing tomorrow. You can't eat for the whole day, they say the detox taste so nasty you don't even want to eat! SO YAY!

Tate has been a busy body lately. He has had some playdates with Addie, Jace, and Cholie. He got "hungry, hungry, hippo" for Christmas so we play that all the time. I even eat small white balls in my sleep. Thomas the train is played with all the time, and woody and buzz were also great gifts from Santa! I love this weather, I LOVE the cold!!! Well I just wanted to ramlbe about a couple things. Rambling is now done going to make stuffed shells for dinner!


  1. What? I am not to blame for your addictions!

  2. Oh I am soooo addicted to diet coke only from the can though! I hate fountain diet pop yuck! So I am also addicted to LARGE reg. cokes from mcdonalds, they are the wonder I feel fat because they are only $1 so why not get the large over the small :(

    Jace has so many Thomas the Train toys it's not even funny! He also got Buzz for Christmas, they would be best of friends, ha!

    Yes come to Ohio and we'll run everyday..I need a workout buddy... I'm already losing motivation lol, terrible..I just LOVE food!!!

  3. girlfriend, thanks for the comment on my blog! You are too sweet!!!!! I love your blog!

    AND, we should be bff's, I am totally addicted to DC!!!!!