Sunday, December 27, 2009

Keystone, Colorado

The last day Michael had to work so Hannah, Tate, and I sat out for adventure! He went to the playground, attempted a snowman, shopped, rode the buffalo (for the thousandth time), and of course waited for Santa and his two reindeer to come to the village. One night we even made a gingerbread house but, for some reason I can't find them!!

Last week we packed up and went skiing for the week. Tate was an animal! He seriously scared me to death. He LOVED IT. He skied with me for 2 days and 1 day he went to ski school. I loved skiing down to his school to watch him, they were all so cute!! Tate really loved his teacher, Mr. Joe they were partners in crime, haha. Tate seriously loved the lifts. I was thinking that he is a such an easy child. I can't think of very many 3 year olds that would leave their mommy for a day to go with a complete stranger and do something he has never done such as skiing, he loved the height of the lifts, and he loved the cold. He was telling everyone he talked to on the phone that he has a new home now and, someone needs to bring him Sadie and Dolly, haha! We had a ski in and ski out condo which may I say was awesome when a 3 year old is tired.

I know I am late at updating my blog, I will try to have Christmas pictures up soon. Tate had a wonderful Christmas, Thanks to wonderful family and friends!

As Nancy Grace would say, Goodnight Friends, haha!!!!!!


  1. Hi there! Your little Tate is just as cute as a button! : ) We are going skiing over Spring Break and your pics made me ready to go tonight! Ha!

  2. OH Courtney! Im so glad you have been updating this. Ive missed seeing you guys. Im glad to hear Tate had a good christmas. What a little dare devil you have! We need to get together soon and catch up. PS i promise to update our blog soon.:)

  3. It looks like you guys have been having so much fun! I wish Craig or I knew how to ski but to learn can you say chickens? lol.. It's something I wish we learned when we were kids! Even though we live in Ohio we actually have a ski resort about 45 min away and they "make" snow when they don't have enough ha! You and Tate are so adorable!!! Glad you had a good Christmas too!

    Happy New Year!!

  4. I love the pictures of Tate skiing. They are too cute. We are going to miss you next semester. We will have to play soon. Amber

  5. Oh your pics made me want to be in Colorado so badly! I guess ya'll are getting tons of snow in Arkansas though! Man, I miss Fayetteville! Little man, Tate is too cute! He really should be a Gap model!