Thursday, December 3, 2009

Baby Jillian Is Here!

Last night we went to the Razorback basketball game. Tate loves the games, the hog not so much.

These are the pictures from Tate's eye on Thanksgiving. After this incident we really didn't take any pictures. Tate was not having it. But, neither would I if a stick went up my eye! Although he was in a really good mood the rest of day.

This picture is from a Fall Feast we had with our students, Tate plays so good with my students. While we were at the party, one of my students dad told me that Tate looked like he came from a gap commercial! Haha!

Last but not least, one of my best friends, Shannon had her beautiful baby. After a couple hours of hard core pushing she decided to come out via c-section. We are so glad you are here, and already love you so much. Congratulations, Lee and Shannon!
Brittany and Jillian

Michael and J

And, the princess herself!

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  1. Love Tate's pictures! He is a handsome little guy! Sorry you had to go through the whole tooth situation, that is NEVER fun :(

    Hope you guys have a very Merry Christmas!!!