Monday, September 21, 2009

How things change!

Since I have direct and direct + rain storm = no Dancing with the Stars I thought I would share some of my fall decorations that I have done so far. I still have alot of stuff to get out and pumpkins to spray paint then glitterize. I think Im going to try to spary paint a pumpkin on a hay bale this weekend to put by our driveway. If it wasn't raining I would go outside to take some pictures of our puppies. They are 4 weeks tomorrow and extremely personable and sweet. We have found them all homes ( I think Sadie is ready for that day).

This weekend we had a family reunion, we had so much fun and not to mention tons of southern comfort food. Jake and I are quite older than our cousins so they have more fun with Tate and Jace than they do with us. Here are a couple pictures from this weekend, I forgot I brought my canmera in till we were about to leave.
Tate and I are in bed watching Racing Stripes when I should be watching Dancing with the Stars. Thanks storm!!!!

Since we haven't posted in awhile I just wanted to share what we have been up too. I have been working, not posting, and relaxing with family that are in town. Tate has been going to school, hanging with Mimi and Jace, and torturing puppies. Michael work, games, and hunting stuff. Funny story before I go to bed. Last night Tate said he wanted to watch a movie. So, I found King Kong on tv (thinking he would like cause he loves Henry and the Hendersons). Right away he put his head under the pillow and I just thought wow he must be tired. 20 minutes later I changed the channel and Tate leaned up and said, "thanks for changing the channel that monkey was scary." haha!

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