Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I have been slacking lately in the posting area. Well, last week was the county fair and Tate, Ashley, Michael, and I went on Thursday night to go to the sale. Michael's company usually purchases a couple animals. Besides that black angus posted in a picture below (because it went for $2,000). After we made Tate sit in a sale for a couple of hours we headed to the rides. Of course I had to ride the rides with my friends daughter because my gang are scared of rides (but a 6 yr old isn't, haha).

I absolutely love my new job. I have the most amazing children and parents. Tate and I have adjusted pretty well, I am pretty sure that Tate is worst morning child ever. If it was up to him he would sleep till 9:00 in the morning. But, I have learned if Racing Stripes is in the DVD player, bacon in his hand, juice beside his leg we are all good. One thing missing from that picture=not good. Tate's favorite movie is still Racing Stripes (which Im sure move-it move-it, nemo, and bambi are enjoying the break). And I have to admitt that I am so far behind on my soaps. I am going to start waking up early (5:30) and walking on the tredmill and watching my soap. I have been watching the Young and The Restless since I was 14 when I went to stay the summer with my aunt in Texas. I remember we would put a video in the VCR and record it and as soon as the kiddos went to bed we sat on the couch with honey mustard pretzels and watched our show.

Michael had a business dinner tonight, so I made turkey bacon BLT. I haven't ate a BLT in years. I was visiting my grandparents and they were talking about how good a BLT sounded so I made some bacon and cut up some fresh garden tomatoes hands down one of the best dinners I have had in awhile. We are headed to bed. Tate starts school on Thursday so I will be sure to post his first day of school pictures. He is so excited to see Addy.

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