Monday, September 28, 2009

Pumpkin Time

I came across this picture at my parents house and I had to steal it. This is me and one my best friend Ashley. She is currently in Ireland on vaccation with her daughter and husband. When we were little she lived a field away, the walking trail between houses might as well been cemented they were used so much. Tate and Cholie play together alot. We were 5 in this picture.

Also, on Sunday Tate and I carved pumpkins. He just wanted a face and I was testing my creativeness and made a crow. Tate hated the gunk inside so he was actually NO help carving pumpkins. But he sure took credit for them when someone walked by them. I bought a couple pumpkins for my class and we have big plans for them. I will post pictures of them later when they are complete. Although I do have an observation I would love to share with you, girls like to do messy art and boys don't. I am still in shock with my students, today every girl in my class got their hands dirty and participated while some of the boys just watched. This is so funny to me because you think it would be the other way around. Kids are funny.

Poor Judy. This is my parents dog and she lets Tate rule the roost up their. Yes, that is a pony saddle and a bridle on her.

On Sunday my uncle Milford went back to West Virginia. We made sure to get to my grandmas house at 7:30 for breakfast and to say "good bye." I got some cute pictures of the boys, absolutely none of me considering I can't just roll out of bed and look cute, Tate and I are going to go to my cousins football game this Thursday in PG, the big rival. I went to his game last week and was amazed by all the people I still remember. I saw all my high school coaches, teachers, and some parents that are still straglers of Farmington Athletics.

Milford, Tate, Popi, and Papa

Tate and His Popi

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