Saturday, July 18, 2009

Alittle out of order, BUT alot of fun

On friday morning Tate, Michael, and Papaw went fishing. I hear they had a great time! Tate kept throwing the minnows over the boat, I dind't expect anything less from him. He told me he caught ALL the fish and Daddy and Papaw didn't catch anything. I also heard Tate broke his pole right when they got in the water, SO????? I love a two year old imagination and trust me Tate I believe your story.

Thursday night while I was mowing, my mom came over to play with Tate. I came around the corner of the house and I found Tate leading Dolly through the yard (yes, by himself). Tate wanted me to saddle her up so we could ride. I couldn't resist my little cowboys face. So, I went in side and got my boots on and went to the barn to saddle her up. Tate and Mimi walkd around the fields and came home at dark time. Tate told Mimi that Dolly and Sadie were getting tired when the truth was Tate was getting tired. I rode Dolly for awhile, but was determined to get me yard done. I am a yard freak. I do not let Michael mow my hard cause he always blows grass into the flower beds. Michael gets so agervated because I never use our riding mower (because im scared of it) and I push our while yard. I love the exercise.

This morning Ashley, Cholie, Tate, my mom and I went to Battelfield Park to walk the trail. We walked 3 miles then took the kids to play. They had such a fun time. This weekend is crazy busy, SO don't be to surprised if I don't blog for a couple of days. Isn't he the most handsome little man!

Have a great weekend!

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