Monday, July 13, 2009

It's going to be a long one!

Tonight was Michaels birthday, the big 28. We went to shogun with his family and then the competitive side came out and we ended up at gator golf. Michael, Tate, Breand, Mark, Marks wife Courtney, and I played golf till 9:45, ugh!!! Did I ever tell you guys that I need to be in bed by 8:30!!!! I require ALOT of sleep. Im going to be cranky in the morning. Michael warned me that NOBODY better sing to him at dinner, so I had to beg the server NOT to turn the lights off and sing to my hubby. He hates being the center of attention. The complete opposite of Tate and I. I will post pictures later of the birthday later.

So I was in Tates room cleaning up a mess, and I HEARD nothing. Thats when you get worried!!! Tate decided to let Sadie in. I wanted to get mad because I just got done swiffering. But Tate said, "mommy Sadie is hot." You can't get mad at that phrase, so I let her take a nap in the house! I guess she wanted the TV on.

What? Tate said I could come in!

I know, I need to take my trash out! Isn't that the hubby's job?????

Okay this is Robbie and Allison's house, It was so neat. To bad it is an hour and half away from our house at White Rock, or we would be there all the time. We went over there for a cookout and for the boys to play. They are close in age and all played so good together. I wish I got pictures of the inside, it is just as neat as the outside Michael didn't feel comfortable on the top level, he kept looking at the beams just to make sure they were nailed together. It was cute.

Kessler giving Tate a chicken

Apparently Tate can't get enough of chickens

This is Blanton, Kessler's little brother

This weekend went to Michaels cousin's little boys birthday party. Judd turned one! They had it at their neighborhood pool. Tate had so much swimming with some of his cousins. I am such a nervous wreck around water, ugh!!! After the party we all came home and went to bed early. It was much needed.

This is Sadie and Tate, after playing in the water hose

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