Saturday, July 25, 2009

baby time!!!

One of my best friends sister just had a baby, and I have been helping getting things ready. While, I love baby showers, I haven't been to a baby shower for 2 years now. I don't know if my creativeness is still in style. Me and all of my friends have children the same age (besides Ashley S, you need to get on that girl). It is so much fun now cause they all play so good together and love each other so much. Tate is the only boy out of the group and he is most defiently the most affectionate one. He always tries to kiss and hug them, and he gets rejected, pushed, and hit everytime. The girls rule the roost on playdates. Back to the baby shower, Ashley T. and I made diaper cakes today, it was my first one and I have to say it is pretty cute. I ordered a cake from the one and the only Ricks bakery, I think I am the most excited about the cake and of course a baby.

This is Tate's pony Ajacks. He lives on Mimi's and Popi's ranch! I personally like (TRUST) Dolly more, but love that Tate is closer to the ground if you know what I mean. I think I just have a beef with Ajacks because he is SO hard to catch, by the time I catch him I'm way mad. While, Dolly meets you at the gate.

We went to Prairie Grove pool this week, even though Im not big on bathing suits like I used to be (you know when I was like 18-21)! My son made me a nervous wreck. He is not even tad bet scared of the water. He loves to go under the water and comes back up spitting water. Jace was a little more reserved, he was happy sitting on the edge or just watching. Towards the end he was getting a little brave also. So Im leaving you with some fun info. I am starting to run again, I plan to run some 5k's in the begining of September. I got the jogging stroller back out of the closet, Lets just hope it stays out! If anyone is looking for a workout partner or jogging partner let me know!

Tate was ready to go!

Hope everyone has a good weekend, Courtney