Saturday, July 4, 2009

I want to ride a bucking bull

Last night Michael, Ashley, Tate and I headed to the rodeo. Tate is our little cowboy, we can't leave the house without his boots and cowboy hat. I even keep an extra hat and boots in the back of my car, thats how neccessary they are. When we got to the rodeo our other good friend Ashley was there with her little girl Cholie and niece kayleigh. The kids were amazing I think their favorite part was defiently the bull riding. Tate looked at Michael and I and said " I want to ride bull." That's when I felt the knife in my heart, and he is only two. I told Michael on our way home " that a mother's worst nightmare," so we told Tate he should start with sheep.

We have such a busy day today, my best friend Ashley has a huge 4th of July party ever year. There are so many people there, along with a band, food, and washer tournament. Every year I bring dessert pizza and every year it's gone before I even go through the line so I made two. And, Ashley and I decided to put half of one in the fridge for us and the kids of course. haha

Last but not least I have a fungus. Sorry hubby I know you are embarresed by this. I have got my nails done every two weeks for the last 2 years, and apparently I got my first fungus. I have a doctors appointment Monday, my poor nail is about to fall off. Yuck!!!

Also,I have decided to put my recipie for desert pizza on my blog:
1 package of sugar cookie (phillsberry) cook as directed

1 tub of cool whip
1 package of cream cheese
1/2 cup of powder sugar
mix with mixer


Hope every has an amazing 4th of July! *Courtney*

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