Thursday, July 23, 2009

Play date and Underware.

Tonight we had the Taylors over for dinner. We had so much fun, we love getting to spend time with them. The children were so dirty after riding Dolly and dinner so they took a bath. I must mention it was Tate's first time to take a bath with a girl He was very curious and confused. But, he soon got over it and they were WILD in the bath. Tate feel fast asleep tonight, he didn't even ask to read one book. Our routine is 3 books a night. We didn't use to have a limit and we would read about 10 books and some more than once. I love that he enjoys reading but I need some time to get my stuff done as well. Im sorry that I haven't been very good about posting lately I have been busy trying to figure out were I am going to teach at, finish some papers, and plan birthday parties and baby showers, I would love to say it is going to get better BUT school starts soon.
The 3 amigos

Coley was showing us he could go under the water!

Of course we had to have at least one accident. At least it was just Nathan. Dolly ACCIDENTLY stepped on his foot.

Needless to say Tate wasn't excited to sit on the back of his horse!!

Isn't she adorable!?!?

Michael and Nathan left the house while Laurie and I were bathing the children, which always means trouble (in a jeep at 9:30 at night). They went to the feed mill looking for a raccon and came home with a PIGEON!!! It was so pretty and the kids loved it, well besides Madilyn. She wanted nothing to do with. Tonight the pigeon is sleeping in my flower bed, due to an injured wing.

Nathan is talking to the bird.

Tate insisted on putting them on himself. And, he went all day like that!

I hope no one else has their panties in a wad. Have a good weekened!

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  1. Haha! That picture of Tate in his underwear is hilarious!