Sunday, January 29, 2012

Burning Brush

Yesterday we spent the day at one of our farms burning brush piles. Tates best bud Landon joined in on the fun. The boys had a blast. Jax kept telling everyone that the fires were HOT. So cute. We started at 4 yesterday afternoon and didn't leave til 9. As you can tell in the last picture the boys were worn out. We weren't even out of the gate and they were snoozing.

Julie and I ran to town to get the stuff for Hot Dogs and Smores. Landon and Tate thought it was pretty cool cooking their dinner. They were not crazy about smores they just wanted the marshmellows.

When we got home we made Tate jump in the shower and put Jax in the bath. Boy, were they mad. They just wanted to go to bed. It was such a fun night we are so blessed to have great friends that live close to us.

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