Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Last Friday my best friend Mandy had her baby Kendall. She is so adorable. I went and visited with her and Chris (well Kendall, ha) Saturday night, sans children. When I walked into the hospital the smell hit me like a ton of bricks and as I was walking down the hallway I was thinking of how MAYBE I want another baby. Then, as I was leaving and Michael called and I heard the shrills of children reality hit and I realized I am CONTENT!!! haha. Two boys are a handful. Although I will admit I would love a little girl to dress up.

My mom and I went shopping last week and Jax was worn out!

Jax is such a ham and from the looks of this picture borderline hoarder. He loves to have his toys in his crib. He talks to them for a few minutes then he goes to sleep. He loves to talk to his video monitor too, the other day I turned on the monitor in my room and he was looking right into it and scared me to death. You could not even slide a piece of paper between him and the monitor. Needless to say the monitor is know mounted on the wall away from his sticky fingers!

This has been a busy week with Tate. My little boy is growing up. He had his T-ball sign up, spring pictures, and class pictures. Class pictures, REALLY? How did this happen so soon. Not to mention I ordered his year book, sad.

We started back to our bible study on Tuesdays and Jax is starting Mothers Day Out on Thursday. I hope we are ready for that. Tate loved Mothers Day Out but, he is more flexible so, we will see how it goes. Jax loves his Teacher he sees her during our bible study and he goes to the same nursery every Sunday so it shouldn't be to foreign to him!

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  1. Hey! I was so excited when you texted me the other day! You look gorgeous as usual and those boys are sooooooooo cute! Wow how time flys... that baby is getting so BIG!

    Hope you had fun in Chicago! Keep in touch :)