Friday, March 2, 2012

Spring is here!

The weather has been AMAZING lately. I can't seem to make myself sit down and write. The days are finally getting longer and the boys and I are loving every minute of it. Tate starts soceer today, and we are so excited. Then in a few weeks he starts T-Ball. How did my baby get to have such a demanding schedule. Last week when Michael was out of town my mom came by and watched Jax so that Tate and I could have a night together. We actually met my grandpa at the senior building for a dinner fot the vets. He was so proud of his family that made it and he was so proud to serve our country. He is an amazing man. Getting a picture with him was impossible he was so busy chatting away with EVERYONE I didn't even try. HA. After we left the dinner we took my mamaw some flowers to her grave. Should I mention that we actually pulled over in someones driveway and picked their flowers to give to my mamaw. I did see that they weren't home and we only took about 10. SO, that makes it okay, right?!?!?!

On another note I have really been trying to get back in shape, love having babies. haha Anways back to the story. I was walking today, Jax was playing with some toys I was listening to some Chris Tomlin and then all of a sudden this man that was walking in front of us stopped and waited for us. I turned my music off and started to walk with him. We had the best talk, I really felt god put me on that road to talk to this man (yea, he majorly slowed down my walk and yea he probably thought I talked more than I listened (I sure hope not though.)) He shared with me that his son is in Germany in the army and that he was homeless in Missiouri and then his sons father and mother in-law came to Missiouri and got him off the streets and brought him to Lincoln. Although this man is in his 60's he is defiently a new friend. We talked about how good GOD is and that he never gives up on us. I need to be reminded of this lately. Hopefully everyone uses their strenghts to help someone out soon it makes your heart melt!

Michael, Tate, Jax, and I went to Powerhouse the other night. Getting a picture with all of us together is dang near impossible!!

Its so funny that my boys look nothing alike!!! My little pettie brown hair, brown eyes sweet boy, then theres my chunky, blue eyes, fire ball. Man do I love these boys!!

Hope everyone has a great FRIDAY!

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